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I have a selectbox and I'm trying to set the value of localStorage.getItem("Selectoption"), the default select option.

I tried (but doesn't work):

$("#Selectbox").val(localStorage.getItem("Selectoption")).attr('selected', true);

Although this works:

$("#Selectbox").val("Option1").attr('selected', true);

Does anyone know how can I set .attr('selected', true); of localStorage.getItem("Selectoption") value. ??

Thanks alot

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You are setting the selected attribute on select element and not the option. Try this

var optionValue = localStorage.getItem("Selectoption");
.find("option[value=" + optionValue +"]").attr('selected', true);

On a side note, just setting the value of the select element is enough you don't have to explicitly set the selected attribute.

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ShankarSangoli, once again you've helped me wisely. Thanks alot sir – jQuerybeast Sep 3 '11 at 20:51

There's no need to run attr('selected', true). It doesn't make any sense to run this on the <select> element, and setting the val() of the <select> box already makes the <option> with that value selected.

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$("#" + listbox).find("option:selected").attr('Selected',true);

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