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How can I check if the browser support HTML5 file upload (FormData object)?

var fd = new FormData();

Following the answer from this post, but the code does not return correct answer about the browser,


        if (!!window.FileReader)
             alert('not supported');

Firefox - supported
Chrome - supported
Opera - supported
Safari - not supported
IE9 - not supported

But the correct browser support should be,

Firefox - supported
Chrome - supported
Opera - not supported
Safari - supported
IE9 - not supported

I have tested the html 5 file upload on Opera and it is not working for sure.

I am sure that safari supports html 5 file upload.

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Try if( window.FormData === undefined ) or if( window.FormData !== undefined ).

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+1, in IE8/IE9 ( window.FormData === undefined ) returns true and in IE10, it returns false. –  Annie Dec 6 '12 at 10:28

From http://blog.new-bamboo.co.uk/2010/7/30/html5-powered-ajax-file-uploads

function supportAjaxUploadProgressEvents() {
    var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
    return !! (xhr && ('upload' in xhr) && ('onprogress' in xhr.upload));

As FormData, the ability to send() one, and the upload property (and its onprogress event) are all part of XMLHttpRequest level 2, you can test for .upload to see if you've got a level 2. I don't have a Mac handy, but the function (sadly, but correctly) returns false for Opera 11.50 (and true for Firefox 4).

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  function supportFormData() {
     return !! window.FormData;

Source: https://www.new-bamboo.co.uk/blog/2012/01/10/ridiculously-simple-ajax-uploads-with-formdata/

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On Safari 5.1.7 , Firefox <6, Opera < 12.14 form data is suported but it is buggy.

  • Safari will return file size 0

    Opera does not support append method of form data

    firefox <6 does not work correctly

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You could may be use the workaround provided by this library. https://github.com/francois2metz/html5-formdata

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This is the one-liner I use to check if the browser supports FormData and upload progress, in jQuery:

 var xhr2 = !! ( window.FormData && ("upload" in ($.ajaxSettings.xhr()) );
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You need to check if the browser supports the HTML5 file API. I do that by checking if the FileReader function is set, if it’s not set it means that the browser won’t support the file API.

// Check if window.fileReader exists to make sure the browser supports file uploads
if (typeof(window.FileReader) == 'undefined') 
        alert'Browser does not support HTML5 file uploads!');
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This code checks for the FileReader object, which is different than the FormData object. –  webinista Dec 27 '11 at 19:55

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