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I have just read some discussions about this topic but I didn't find the definitive answer.

Is possibile in C# do this:

1) media player that read playlist and could run common video format (mp4)

2) text and images overlay (I'd like to write and put images over a running video)

For example: media player running plylist with more videos video 1 that last 9 seconds (I'd like to write text1 in a certain position for 9 seconds) video 2 that last 6 seconds (I'd like to write text2 and punt image2 in a centain position for 6 seconds) etc...

Can I do this in c# & .net ? Which technology/classes/components do I need for do this ?

Thank you in advance.

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  1. DirectShow.NET
  2. Video tutorial on WPF Video Player
  3. XNA Video Player SO Answer
  4. Play Video on WinForms Control

Not all options cover your requirements completely, and you will have to add functionality yourself too, but at least you have some leads.

I think in your case the WPF MediaElement might be most interesting to look at.

Good luck!

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