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I am completely new to creating a website, so some of this stuff is hard for me to understand. My website is currently based on Joomla 1.5. I am looking for a way to unistall the Joomla client and changing the whole interface to Wordpress.All of the tutorials and questions I have found have all basically pointed to sort of hot linking Wordpress into Joomla. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks!

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Export the data from Joomla and import them in Wordpress using this addon.

All you need is your Joomla database settings which you set them in the Joomla importer addon.

Note. This Addon migrates only articles converting them to Wordpress posts. There's the similar question here.

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There are a couple of new migration components that I've tested:



They aren't perfect, but both seem to be pretty robust as far as i can tell from my initial testing. I believe that they also both offer free or trial versions as well as paid versions that contain more features.

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There are importers to take your database and turn it into a WordPress one, and the interface just gets the html and converts it to WordPress standards. It's really easy. I have done it in a day.

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