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I am storing GUIDs in a column in oracle 10g table. The datatype of the column is Varchar(2). Now I want to check if the values in this column are valid GUIDs.

How can I query in Oracle to check if the values are valid GUIDs?

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Considering GUIDs are larger than 2 characters, I'll save you the trouble and tell you that no, they're not valid. –  Brian Roach Sep 4 '11 at 3:39
My bad the length of the column is 200 –  acadia Sep 4 '11 at 4:06

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I've taken test samples from here and the regexp from here:

create table guids ( guid varchar(36) );
insert into guids values ( 'BC1EAAAF-1B5A-4695-9797-3ED6C99B7FC5' );
insert into guids values ( 'BCXXAAAF-1B5A-4695-9797-3EDXXXXXXFC5' );
insert into guids values ( '-jk1029347 lka llur 193241 lk;qed' );

select guid,
    case when regexp_like(guid,
  then 'Y'
  else 'N'
  end AS is_valid
from guids;

GUID                                 IS_VALID 
------------------------------------ -------- 
BC1EAAAF-1B5A-4695-9797-3ED6C99B7FC5 Y        
BCXXAAAF-1B5A-4695-9797-3EDXXXXXXFC5 N        
-jk1029347 lka llur 193241 lk;qed    N        
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I assume you mean VARCHAR2. VARCHAR(2) would be a very short GUID.

I wouldn't store these values in the database, then verify they are correct. Verify they are correct, then store them. Use a check constraint or a trigger. That way, you know what is in your database is good data.

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