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Is there any way to push apps to an iphone through an iPhone explorer or something else, where you can bundle up the ipa and copy it onto an unlocked device (or non unlocked even)?

How can I push an app to my device without putting it on a cydia repo? Are there instructions on how cydia does this, or would this be out of my depth (considering I dont know the intricacies of the iphone).

This is a customized app I have developed, I just need a way to push it to the device without worrying about the approval process, and I want to keep it on the device past the 3 month provisioning profile period.

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possible duplicate of iPhone Ad Hoc distribution without expiration – Caleb Sep 4 '11 at 4:09
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No. If you're working under the iOS Developer Program the only real way to distribute your app is via the app store. Other than that, you're stuck with ad hoc distribution and the time limit that comes with that. However, if you qualify for the iOS Enterprise Program (i.e. you're a business), you can sign up for that program and then distribute your apps in-house without going through the app store.

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And the non-standard way? Does that mean putting it on cydia which makes it public for anyone to download? I dont want it public. – Dominic Sep 4 '11 at 4:41
I can't address your options if you jailbreak your device. Without jailbreaking, your options are: app store, ad hoc (with time limit), and join the Enterprise program. – Caleb Sep 4 '11 at 6:21

After spending much time on internet for this question I present the following.


  • iOs doesn't allow sideloading of unsigned apps. The only way to currently do that is jailbreak.

  • But there is a work around.. You could beat that using

  • The signing process MacBuildServer uses to cleverly skirt this
    limitation is to have you use your own certificate, or to simply use their certificate from the iOS developer enterprise program to sign
    the compiled app (again, for testing purposes).

  • The iOS Developer Enterprise Program was designed to allow companies to develop in-house apps for use within their organization, without
    publishing them on the App Store.

  • An example of a business that would be part of this program would be an event coordinating business that uses these in-house iOS apps to
    check people in and perform other tasks.

  • MacBuildServer's demo gives you a three-click process to build any open-source iOS app you can find on GitHub, and sign it with an
    enterprise certificate that allows jailbreak-free sideloading
    for your own testing purposes.


The ideas that are presented here are not my own i found this on internet.visit the reference for more details.


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Without jailbreaking, your options are: app store, ad hoc (with time limit), and join the Enterprise program

There is one other option. It's possible to create web-app and then add it as a bookmark.

But the obvious downsides are:

  1. It's html. Even with html5 you're not going to get access to the camera etc... 2: It's open to the public (Although it's easy block access with standard security).
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However question was asked long ago, but I think now it is possible with XCode 7.

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