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I stumbled across the ScalaCL project and its compiler plugin that has an awesome loop optimizer.

This made me wonder:

Which compiler plugins are available for scala?

Plugins need not be performance improving plugins; any type of plugin is eligible for this list.

(I have done Google searches but the SNR is low for this query.)

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A few plugins are linked from this thread on the mailing list (autoproxy, browse, enhanced strings, avro).

From the Scala team, there is the existing delimited continuations plugin, and a current effort toward an effect system plugin.

Documentation on writing a plugin is here.

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There also exists a compiler plugin for generation functional lenses in scalaz: for more details see here:

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I had read about the lenses plugin but forgotten about it. Thanks for mentioning it. – HRJ Sep 11 '11 at 7:04

Here's a plugin written by Eiríkr Åsheim that optimizes generic numeric code (runtime + compiler plugin) :

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There's also the miniboxing plugin, for optimizing generics:

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