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I got the access_token (with email, publish_stream, and offline_access permissions).

Then, I do this code:

var uri = 'https://graph.facebook.com/' + req.user.fb.id + '/feed';
    request({   'method':'POST',
                    'message':'testing 123',


But facebook gives me this error message:

{"error":{"type":"OAuthException","message":"(#200) This API call requires a valid app_id."}}

I don't get it? The user logged in perfectly fine using facebook connect, and I got the access token.

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Are you providing a valid app_id? –  Mat Sep 4 '11 at 7:58

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You would need to send the access_token as part of the query string, not as the post body.

var uri = 'https://graph.facebook.com/' + req.user.fb.id + '/feed?access_token=' + req.user.fb.accessToken;
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