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Ive a requirement to parse a XML file, and create a tree of nodes inside my application, which then will be used for other purposes like searching and stuff.

The node structure is homogeneous in nature, i.e it will have only a few fields/attricutes like 1.Id 2.Data 3.Children.Even the xml node will be similar, i.e id, data and children

Can anyone help me with which library should I use so as to create something like this??


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A very very easy one to use is mini xml (abbreviated to mxml)


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A very good library for this is Boost.PropertyTree. Look at this example of how to use it with XML:

The property tree itself is agnostic of the XML file. If you do this right, your objects will also be agnostic of XML, which makes your code more flexible.

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I'm normally using libxml2 for this - admittedly it's C, but does create a tree of objects.

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