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Can anyone explain me the difference between them? A Lake, A Fish, A Plant and A Frog. What is the Object relationship between them?

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Adding to awoodland's answer, a Lake object will contain fish, plant and frog objects. Please see aggregation for a better explanation.

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In your example a lake is a habitat, whilst fish, plant and frog are all examples of life forms that would live in a specific lake.

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HAS-A and IS-A are terms used to describe object relationships. A lake HAS-A: fish, plant, and a frog. This means that your lake class contains references to a: fish, frog, and plant object. A IS-A relationship is like...a trout IS-A fish, so you extend a fish class to make a trout class.

EDIT: a frog and a fish COULD extend an animal class (since they're both animals). This is another example of an IS-A relationship

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may be the typo mistake.. in the second line, it will be "your lake class contains refernces to a fish, frog and plant object" instead of "your fish class contains references to a fish, frog and plant" –  Shashi Sep 4 '11 at 13:53
Good catch, appreciate it. Changing now –  Steve G Sep 4 '11 at 14:03

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