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i want to pass some data to my sidebar but i dont know how to do it best practice,

i have a template file like this:






i make a helper file like this:


    //Getting all the Reviews and put them on the includes/header.php 
    function sidebar()
        //Get the instance of the framework
        $CI=& get_instance();

        //Getting data from sidebarModel
        $sidebarData = $CI->sidebar_model->getSidebarReviews();

        return $sidebarData;

and then i think i need to go to my header.php file and do something there to get the data out in a foreach, but i dont know how.

hope some one can help me out

best regards Sim

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Another answer would be to autoload your sidebar helper and then just call that in your view file (your header?!)

$rows = sidebar();
foreach($rows as $row):
  // Do something with your sidebar row
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Pass the data as an array


Then simply echo $mykey in the view

You can pass multiple data for example $data['sidebar']='mysidebar'; , if you are still not clear then please comment below.

For more scroll to "Adding Dynamic Data to the View"

Edit Keep the helper same as you described in question.

Write this in controller


Write this in view

echo $sidebarRow;
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like this? echo $sidebarRow; it says Undefined variable: sidebarRow –  Sim Sep 4 '11 at 10:33
hm i cant get it to work :( –  Sim Sep 4 '11 at 10:38
First of all, $this will not work in Helper. Well I have edited the answer. –  Usman Sep 4 '11 at 10:40

You can load variables so they become global in all of your views and subviews.

Use $this->load->vars($data_array) whenever you have any data to be used globally in your views.

This method can be used multiple times anywhere in your application and will merge any data you add.

Read more at ($this->load->vars)

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