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I have just started reading about Java EE6 and I have bought the book "EJB 3 in Action" and "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1". I have not the last book yet and just started chapter 2 in the first book, but I can't see much "frontside" development in these books. Can anyone recommend any tutorials or books that I could read together with these so that I can code some HTML etc that uses EJB? I am new to this kind of development but I heard of JSP and JSF.

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For Java EE 6 front side development using the technologies inside the stack (instead of bringing in e.g. Spring), you should look into using JSF 2.0.

I would suggest the same book as I used for this:


You might also find the articles in this series interesting:


starting with http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-jsf2fu1/index.html

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The JBoss AS 7 documentation contains step-by-step instructions for developing a simple applications using JSF, EE6, JBoss and Eclipse.



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