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I have a rails app where a User controller has all the CRUD methods new create destroy update however, I want an action now that does something more.

When the user clicks a button, I want to perform some logic and then forward them to their accounts page. The logic will go in the new method I make inside the controller. However, I cant find out how to make a form that submits to this new method I make in the User controller.

I'm trying something like this:

form_tag "/users"

but how do I make this form execute the new method I've made in the User controller

def some_logic 

Update After some reading, Is this the best way to go?

routes.rb match '/download' => "users#some_logic"

view = form_tag "/download"

This will execute the some_logic method

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I tend to do in the view:

form_tag :action => :some_logic do

and in the routes you can have:

post "/download", :to => "users#some_logic"

That should make a form which sends the user off to the some_logic action within UsersController

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Take a look at the docs for further restful actions. You can find it here:

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