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I want to write rest like method for entity update. In this case I retrieve entity id from url and data from request body. The issue is in binding id with bean. Because neither EntityManager nor Spring-Data Crud Repo haven't update(id, bean) method. So I can set it myself

@RequestMapping(value = "/{id}", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public String update(@PathVariable("id") Long id, @Valid User user, BindingResult bindingResult) {
    if (bindingResult.hasErrors()) {
        user.setId(id);   //Very bad
        return "usersEdit";
    user.setId(id);  //Bad
    return "redirect:/users/" + id;

or dismiss DRY and put id in forms as private field to. Is there are any other solutions?

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In Spring 3.1 a @ModelAttribute will be instantiated from a path variable if the path variable and the model attribute names are the same and there is a converter to instantiate the model attribute from the path variable value:

@RequestMapping(value="/{account}", method = RequestMethod.PUT)
public String update(@Valid @ModelAttribute Account account, BindingResult result) {
    if (result.hasErrors()) {
        return "accounts/edit";
    return "redirect:../accounts";

The full example is available at: https://github.com/rstoyanchev/spring-mvc-31-demo

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