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I would like to automatize the inkscape command "simplify path". Concretely, I would like a command line tool which takes a svg-file as input, applies "simplify path" to all paths in the figure and saves a new (smaller) svg-file. Is this possible using inkscape? Is there a free command line tool (I'm using linux) which does the job?

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Should be possible:


shows how to call functions of inkscape (called "verbs") from the command line. To get a list of all verbs call inkscape --verb-list on commandline. What you are looking for is SelectionSimplify.

Therefore you have to write a small script that is filtering every id out of the svg and is calling inkscape with the ids. Something like:

inkscape filename.svg --select=pathID --verb=SelectionSimplify --verb=FileSave --verb=FileClose

I don't know if you can chain the call with all IDs that you have to call inkscape just once for every SVG

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