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I use PHPExcel to import Excel files to my site. For example, there is two cells, A1 and A2, both merged. Is there a way to to find out is A1 merged to another cell (A2 or other) or not?

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$workbook = new PHPExcel;
$sheet = $workbook->getActiveSheet();

$cell = $sheet->getCell('A1');

// Check if cell is merged
foreach ($sheet->getMergeCells() as $cells) {
    if ($cell->isInRange($cells)) {
        echo 'Cell is merged!'

I think there isn't better solution because of the way phpexcel stores information about merged cells.

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Thank you for this answer. I hope you don't mind, but I've expanded it with another example of how to also get the master cell value if the cell you're querying is part of a merged range. (Because this is what I was searching for an answer for) – Adambean Jan 26 at 14:07

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