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I am currently trying to make creating par2 recovery files a little easier for myself. The following script goes through all the current-folder's subfolders and then creates par2 recovery files for all files in said subfolder.

FOR /R %%g IN (.) DO C:\WINDOWS\par2.exe c -r10 -s384000 "%%g\%%~ng.par2" "%%g\*"
del /q *.par2

But now I have one issue, it uses the folder name as a filename for the par2 files but strips the "extension" like it would for a file. The folder names are something like "ConcertFootage1.avi_". That folder will then contain files like ConcertFootage1.avi.part01.rar and ConcertFootage1.avi.part02.rar and so on. Meaning I end up with par2 files like "ConcertFootage1.par2" where it should be "ConcertFootage1.avi.par2" in order to match the files in the folder correctly.

Now, even if it would not strip the "extension" from the foldername I'd still end up with "ConcertFootage1.avi_.par2" so I figured it would be best to just get the name of a file in the folder and use that as a base, meaning it would just strip the ".partX.rar" file-extension and that is exactly what I need.

I can't figure out how to do this in the "FOR DO" command though, can anyone help?

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I understand your question, that you try to strip two extensions from a filename.

You can do it with two %~nX flags.

setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
for /R %%g IN (.) DO (
  set "filename=%%~g"
  call :removeExtension result1 "!filename!"
  call :removeExtension result2 "!result1!"
  echo !filename! -- !result1! -- !result2!
exit /b

set "%~1=%~n2"
exit /b
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After also altering my winrar batch script to simplify the name of the archives, this did the trick, thanks :D –  natli Sep 5 '11 at 10:45

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