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I came across new play module and I would like add it in my existing play application. Is there any play command associated for this action?

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Yes, there is a command for it. Just run play install #your-module-name#

Also read the documentation carefully.

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This is only a partial answer to the question. Play install will download and deploy the module in play, not in the application. to use the module in the application, you still need to edit dependenties.yml and run play dependencies on the application. – Olivier Refalo Sep 5 '11 at 12:45

Per Codemwnci at my question (How should I be declaring and exporting modules?), a better way to add modules is when you create your app, like so:

play new myapp --with crud,secure 

This adds the applications to dependencies.yml, which is the preferred place for them these days. If you already have an existing app, add for example

- play -> crud
- play -> secure

to dependencies.yml and run play dependencies to install. (Followed by play eclipsify etc if you're using Eclipse.)

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