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Is there any way to blur all page (for example set new background and give it to the foreground with z-index) and focus certain div (let's say error message) with jquery/javascript? Do you know any plugin for that purpose?

That's what I wanna get:

enter image description here

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Only with HTML5, this was discussed here – Samich Sep 4 '11 at 18:15

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You can use the jQuery UI dialog and use CSS to change the overlay div background with a blur background image, like here:


You can use the jQuery UI dialog mixed with the CSS Text blur effect found here:

However, I assume this will NOT be backwards compatible with non-html5 browsers.

Here's a JS fiddle for proof of concept:

Here's one with the style I think you want:

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This is not bad, think I will be using this on a project I currently working on. Will fall back to the grayed out transparency for older browsers. – b01 Sep 4 '11 at 18:58 works well but first doesn't. Can we animate the message box and make it modal like in theese examples ?? – Tural Aliyev Sep 4 '11 at 20:52
And what if there is not only text but text and images on the page? How can we blur all images and texts (for html 5 ready browsers) and fall back to something like theese examples in case old browsers? – Tural Aliyev Sep 4 '11 at 20:58
are you still there? – Tural Aliyev Sep 4 '11 at 20:58
Blurring images... you could do something like this, which I don't recommend: However, it better to use an blurring overlay image. – b01 Sep 5 '11 at 2:17

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