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I'm having major trouble with Icy ( Cydia alternative ) ( Like errors with cURL and ARMv7 )

So i was wondering if someone could help me to compile icy for iOS 5. I already ported it to 4.x, but since 5.0 it crashes.

Back 4.x i didn't had any cURL / ARMv7 Errors.

Some people tell me to compile cURL for ARMv7, But i have no idea how, and i don't want to spend time at this, because i'll only need it once.

I'll credit you :)

  • Samtulp6

Founder of Infini-Dev ( So i really need icy working :P )

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Can you remove references to ios5. NDA is still in place –  James Webster Sep 4 '11 at 19:02
If you were really proficient, you'd know how to do it yourself. –  esqew Sep 4 '11 at 23:14

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It seems the cURL Library you are using wasn't built for the armv7 architecture used on the iPhone 4. Remove the armv7 architecture from the Build Settings or rebuild the cURL Library with the armv7 architecture (fat library).


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