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I have a file called form.php which is just a regular html file with the addition of the following:

<input type="text" value="<?php if(!empty($_GET['type'])) {echo(htmlspecialchars($_GET['type']));} ?>" />

The problem is that when I open the file, the actual PHP code itself is displayed in the text field, instead of getting the variable 'type.' How do I solve this?

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How do you open the PHP file? –  str Sep 4 '11 at 20:03
do you have it saved as a php file? are you running it via a php compatible server? (apache etc...) –  mreq Sep 4 '11 at 20:03
how do you open the file? –  Andreas Grapentin Sep 4 '11 at 20:03
I just tried to run it locally in my browser. I'm now going to upload it to my website and test it. –  DLA Sep 4 '11 at 20:05
if you want to test it locally, you can set up XAMPP to create a functional webserver on your localhost. ;) –  Andreas Grapentin Sep 4 '11 at 20:13

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PHP module is not loaded or not installed. Check your server's configuration

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oh, right. that could make sense. i was just trying to test it locally. –  DLA Sep 4 '11 at 20:05

You say the code is in a "regular html file", does that mean the file is, for example, "myfile.html"? If so, rename it to "myfile.php" and that should solve your problem.

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