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Per image below...Upon editing a cell via double click, the old text is invisible. Then when new text starts to be entered, the old text (previously invisible) now immediately appears and the newly entered text is appended to the old text.

Could anyone advise how to either:

  1. Make the old text appear upon double click (so there's no surprise when new text is entered).
  2. Clear out the old value so new text does not get appended.

Fyi: It's a slow double click that causes the issue.


Image details the problem

Code (nothing unusual).

    <s:DataGrid x="367" y="82" editable="true">
                <s:GridColumn dataField="dataField1" headerText="Column 1" editable="true"  ></s:GridColumn>
            <fx:Object dataField1="data1"></fx:Object>
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Are you specifying any custom item renderers/editors? I'm not seeing it in the code. I copy pasted the code you showed and it works perfectly. When I double click, or slow click, the original data is always there, so I'm thinking you redacted some of the code. – J_A_X Sep 5 '11 at 3:05
Try invalidate displaylist to overcome situation. – Exhausted Sep 5 '11 at 7:17

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