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I am trying to run the libvlcnet solution which is downloaded from .
I tried using "nant /t:net-2.0 clean build zip" I got an error "The SDK for the 'net-2.0' framework is not available or not configured"(but 2.0 is already installed) while build stage is in "generate_asminfo".

I tried to run the libvlcnet solution from truck folder, "An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)" is the error i am getting when i run the solution from visual studio why? I have been breaking my head for 5 hours. Exactly the error is exactly in the constructor of MediaInfoLibrary.

    public MediaInfoLibrary() {
        handle = MediaInfoInterop.MediaInfo_New();

Am I missing some thing.? Please help me.

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This Link about incompatibility of platforms when using external dlls helped me a bit in figuring out what might be the problem. So i set the target platform to x86 and the dll is blocked by windows by default for preventing malicious activities, generally the problem with external dll or chm files. So right click on the dll and unblock the file.

Thank god i finally got it after a day's hard work. :) If some one get a problem on some thing like this, make a comment over the answer. I will try helping if i can.

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