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I'm using the item_search method of the amazon product api, but noticed that even though the total number of offers returned can be pretty high, not all the offers are returned by item_search. Is there a way to get item_search to return all the offers? I'm using the 'Large' response group.

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You need to use the OfferFull response group to get a full page of offers (10 offers per page).

The TotalOfferPages node returned in the response shows how many pages of offers there are. To get a particular page, set the OfferPage request parameter to a number less than or equal to TotalOfferPages.

For example, this pseudo request would get the second OfferPage:

AWSAccessKeyId=[AWS Access Key ID]&
OfferPage=2&                    <- parameter that controls the OfferPage number
Signature=[Request Signature]
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