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I would like to count URLs in a specific class. the class which is

<h1 class="sectionTitle">INSIDERS AT LOEWS CORP (L)</h1>

have some links like

<a href="../../../research/stocks/people/relationship.asp?personId=228893&symbol=L:US">

I would like to count the number of this kind of links under only this class. This is my program, but when I wrote "count" it doesn't work.

i = 0
headings = bs.find('h1', text='INSIDERS AT LOEWS CORP (L)')
for section2 in headings.findNext(''):
    aa= section2.findAll('a', {'href': True})
    print bb
i = i + 1;

it doesn't work..... would you mind giving me a tip to solve the issue??? Thank you so much!

<h1 class="sectionTitle">INSIDERS AT LOEWS CORP (L)</h1>
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="table" width="100%" style="margin-bottom:5px;"><thead><tr><td>Name (Connections)</td><td colspan="2" style="width:120px;">Board Relationships</td><td>Title</td><td>Type of Board Member</td><td align="right">Age</td></tr></thead><tr><td><a href="../../../research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=228893&symbol=L:US" class="link_xsb">Andrew Tisch  </a></td><td style="width:28px; padding-left: 5px;"><a href="../../../research/stocks/people/relationship.asp?personId=228893&symbol=L:US"><img src="../../images/icons/people2.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" / ></a></td><td> <strong><a href="/businessweek/research/stocks/people/relationship.asp?personId=228893&symbol=L:US">53</strong> Relationships</a></td><td style="width:200px">Co-Chairman, Member of the Office of the President, Chairman of Executive Committee, Member of Finance Committee and Chairman of Bulova</td><td >--</td><td align="right" style="width:20px">61</td></tr><tr><td><a href="../../../research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=285942&symbol=L:US" class="link_xsb">Jonathan Tisch  </a></td><td style="width:28px; padding-left: 5px;"><a href="../../../research/stocks/people/relationship.asp?personId=285942&symbol=L:US"><img src="../../images/icons/people2.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" / ></a></td><td> <strong><a href="/businessweek/research/stocks/people/relationship.asp?personId=285942&symbol=L:US">56</strong> Relationships</a></td><td style="width:200px">Co-Chairman, Member of the Office of the President, Member of Executive Committee, Chairman of Loews Hotels and Chief Executive Officer of Loews Hotels</td><td >--</td><td align="right" style="width:20px">57</td></tr><tr><td><a href="../../../research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=285936&symbol=L:US" class="link_xsb">James Tisch  </a></td><td style="width:28px; padding-left: 5px;"><a href="../../../research/stocks/people/relationship.asp?personId=285936&symbol=L:US"><img src="../../images/icons/people3.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" / ></a></td><td> <strong><a href="/businessweek/research/stocks/people/relationship.asp?personId=285936&symbol=L:US">240</strong> Relationships</a></td><td style="width:200px">Chief Executive Officer, President, Member of Office of the President, Director, Member of Executive Committee, Member of Finance Committee, Chairman of Diamond Offshore and Director of CNA</td><td >--</td><td align="right" style="width:20px">58</td></tr></table>
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I assume your bs object means you're using Beautiful Soup for this? When you say it doesn't work, what's the problem? Are you getting an error or is it just not finding anything to count? –  mwan Sep 5 '11 at 1:36
Do you really have the line i = i + 1; unindented and with a semicolon at the end? Because that for one will stop your script from working. –  mwan Sep 5 '11 at 1:40
The semicolon wouldn't stop the script from working. It is legal in Python code to have semicolon. Not that you should use it, though. –  Nam Nguyen Sep 5 '11 at 5:22

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Being a big fan of jQuery I recommend PyQuery which offers a strong selector like jQuery.

from pyquery import PyQuery as pq
dom = pq(file('your.html').read())
print len(dom('h1.sectionTitle + table a'))

h1 is the element and . is for class name. You can use # for id name if the target is not class but id. + is for the next adjacent element. In this case, the next table element. Here I added table so it returns A elements inside of the table.

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