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I am using code igniter and I am trying to send multiple arrays to view

this is multiple array in controller I pass this array to view

$data=Array ( 
  [email] => Array ( 
    [abv] => Array ( 
      [name] => Abv 
      [version] => 1.0.7 
      [description] => Get the contacts from a Abv account
      [base_version] => 1.8.4 
      [type] => email 
      [check_url] => 
      [requirement] => email 
      [allowed_domains] => Array ( 
         [0] => /(
         [1] => /(
         [2] => /(
      [imported_details] => Array ( 
        [0] => first_name
        [1] => email_1
$this->load->view('view', $data)

This is view,


  foreach($data as $type=>$providers) {
    if ($type == 'email')
      "<optgroup label='email group'>"
      "<optgroup label='social group'>";
    foreach ($providers as $provider=>$details)
      "<option value='{$provider}'".($_POST['provider_box']==$provider?' selected':'').">{$details['name']}</option>";


It dose print out anything. can you explain why it dosent work?

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You're missing the echos, that might explain why nothing prints out. For example:

echo "<optgroup label='email group'>";
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