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This may well be a server config issue; or simply a blindly obvious reason I'm missing...

Pre mod_rewrite URL:


The devised mod_rewrite:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^subfolder/[^/]([\w]*)$ /subfolder/index.php?userName=$1 [L]

It is my understanding that the above should allow navigation to: www.example.com/subfolder/x. However this causes a 404 error.

Rewrites without the sub-folder work fine; it is only when adding the subfoler to the mix things fall to put.

Your advice is much appreciated.

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Try this one instead (works OK for me):

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/subfolder/index\.php$
RewriteRule ^subfolder/([^/]+)$ /subfolder/index.php?userName=$1 [L]


This rule is to be placed in .htaccess. If placed in server config / virtual host context, some small tweaking will be required.

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Hi @LazyOne works perfectly - Thank you so much; your efforts hardly reflect your username. Thanks again –  user885983 Sep 6 '11 at 11:29

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