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In my firebug I see the server respond with:

{"status":"Results Found","errorcode":"0","result":[{"name":"test","id":"1"},{"name":"some","id":"2"}]}

When I do the following I get a "o is null" error.
 type: "get",
 url: "http://someurl",
 data: $("#eventsearch").serialize(),
 dataType: 'json',
 success: function(msg){
var o = $.parseJSON(msg); //o is NULL error

However when I do parseURL on the same string but not as a server response everything is good. What is going on here?

var t = '{"status":"Results Found","errorcode":"0","result":[{"name":"test","id":"1"},{"name":"some","id":"2"}]}';

var o = $.parseJSON(t); //everything is good here
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when you set the dataType:json the json is already parsed you don't have to do

var o = $.parseJSON(msg);

you can do

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If your specify dataType: 'json' in call to jQuery's ajax function msg is already an object, created via parsing JSON data returned from server. jQuery takes your job in parsing response.

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console.log(msg.result[0].id); // gives u 1
console.log(msg.result[1].id); // gives u 2
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The line

var o = $.parseJSON(msg); //o is NULL error

is not syntactically able to produce that error. Even if parseJSON were to return null, assigning that null value to a new variable (which you then promptly ignore) is not an error.

Are you not showing all of the relevant code?

Is the problem perhaps that you try to use o before the ajax operation has completed -- that is, without waiting until the success callback is called?

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