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I run the optimizer like this

sudo /usr/local/bin/node /tmp/r.j/r.js -o name=main out=test.js baseUrl=. 

for test
Now, how do I tell the optimizer to output the filename as a hash of the content (obviously to set max expires) and then rename the dependency in the relevant require calls?

An example situation will be something like this

        baseUrl: '{{ STATIC_URL }}js',
        paths: {
            jquery: '',
            jqueryui: ''
    }, ['order!jquery','order!jqueryui','order!main']);  

requirejs should be pulling something like 13KUJAW78M.js

Based on Miller Medeiros’s suggestion I am planning to put all the require calls into a single master file. This will also mean that all such calls will also need to be optimized.


        case '/foo':
        case '/foo/bar':
            require(['sections/foo/main', 'core/bar']);


should be optimized to a hash file.

Can someone help?

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RequireJS optimizer doesn't have this option, but you could rename the files and use the paths config to set alias to the renamed files, see this thread for more info.

On your example for instance, if you rename the files to: 'sections/foo/main.123QWERT.js', 'sections/home.4567ASDFG.js', 'core/bar.0284ZXCV.js' you could just add a paths config like this:

  paths : {
    //alias to new files without JS extension
    'core/bar': 'core/bar.0284ZXCV',
    'sections/home' : 'sections/home.4567ASDFG',
    'sections/foo/main' : 'sections/foo/main.123QWERT'

The paths config should be on a file that won't be cached, maybe just keep the config on the HTML.

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Will the optimizer add the hash or will i have to do some scripting + regex magic to replace the file names? – Quintin Par Sep 6 '11 at 6:16
Also can main be compressed along with the other files or should it be separate – Quintin Par Sep 6 '11 at 6:17
RequireJS optimizer wont add the hash, you will need to generate it manually (or using some tool which I'm not aware off) and pass the paths config so when a modules requires "core/bar" it will load the file "core/bar.HASH_VALUE.js" instead. Depending on your setup you shouldn't need to generate hashes for that many files. main can be compressed together with the other files. – Miller Medeiros Sep 6 '11 at 17:03

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