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I am trying to get the localized currency symbol using the NumberFormatter in PHP's intl extension.

Since the NumberFormatter uses ICU, I am looking at this page.

I have written the following code:

$currencyFormatter = new NumberFormatter('en_US', NumberFormatter::CURRENCY);
echo $currencyFormatter->formatCurrency(0, 'USD');

Now the code works, but even though I have set the pattern to just the currency symbol, I will always get 1 digit.

The above code outputs


Changing echo $currencyFormatter->formatCurrency(8, 'USD'); gives $8.

Are there any patterns I can use so that the digits are never displayed?

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what you want is for php intl to expose ICU's ucurr_getName(...,UCURR_SYMBOL_NAME,...) - maybe file a feature request with php intl.

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