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I am looking for some software to manage configuration data within an organisation.

The end result is to be able to answer the question "what breaks when I remove xyz component?"

We could write this ourselves but I am sure someone has done it already.

The software should answer questions such as: - What software / systems access this data? - Which server does this system reside on? - What external data does this system require?

This is related to development in that to replace an existing system we must understand the interdependences and ensure that the solution does not unintentionally break other systems.

Is there a tool that shows a hierarchical tree of dependencies for a single piece of software or data repository and allows drill down?

There are a number of tools that seem to focus on hardware / OS / infrastructure configuration management using automated sniffing.
- CFEngine - easycmdb

Any suggested CMS / CMDB?

Thank you

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Yes, if you have the money, HP uCMDB is for you. It allows you to discover hardware and processes on your infrastructure as well as the relationships between those based on TCP traffic. UNIX, Linux, Windows, z/OS, NonStop, Oracle, WebSphere, it gathers everything. Based on the CI's collected it's possible (in uCMDB) to make models showing you those CI's you want to show plus related objects. Also it's possible to federate/replicate external data, completing the CMS with non-discoverable items. Afterwards it becomes possible to connect with Service Manager and roll up CMS objects into business services and processes.

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