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I'm about to jump into some simple game development with Javascript. I would like to one day transition to 3D development but for now am only going to be doing 2D "top down" objects.
I know that this isn't ideal but I feel like it will help me get familiar with the 3D "environment".

I am using Three.js as it appears to be very well developed and I like that it can do Canvas, WebGL and SVG. However, my very first problem I've come across is, I don't know how to "move" an object. Using just Canvas I can easily take an object I have rendered and modify it's .x or .y property to "move" it. However, for Three.js objects so far all I've found is object.rotation.x, etc. I can move the camera, but this doesn't work because I need objects to move individually.

So I guess what I'm looking for is any resources into Three.js for 2D development, or developing a 2D top-down game in a 3D environment.

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Alright, I did just figure out the moving individual objects, it needs to be applied to the Mesh, not the "Geometry"...but I would still like resources on this subject if possible. – James P. Wright Sep 5 '11 at 4:33
I'm also interested in 2D programming using Three.js and WebGL. The links below are all 3D-specific. Were you able to find any 2D resources? – Michael Nov 17 '11 at 23:35
None. I moved away from trying to do 2D work in a 3D environment. Too much effort and too little documentation. – James P. Wright Nov 18 '11 at 17:07
  1. The Getting Started article is pretty good.
  2. LearningThree.js got a series on "let's make a 3D Game".
  3. There is a nice searchable reference available too.

Note that the project moves super fast so the API might change here and there, so keep an eye out on github and when you update always read the change log to see if you need to update your code.


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These are great thanks for the links! – Alex Sep 6 '11 at 23:35

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