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We have a multi-module Maven project who's primary artifact is a WAR. However our final build step is RPM packaging of that said WAR, and we really don't care about the WAR itself from a distributionManagement perspective. I would still like the JARS/source-jars uploaded to our Nexus repository, but it's just wasteful in terms of time/space to upload the WARs since no-one links agains that.

I would like to mark the WAR plugin as 'ignored' from a build life cycle point of view when going through the 'deploy' phase, since the RPM bundle itself is used.

I can't see any plugin configuration of the WAR plugin to avoid this, has anyone got any pointers?

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Isn't that what the primaryArtifact property does? I've never used it, but I always assumed that's what it was for.

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facepalm thanks. let me try that... :) –  tallpsmith Sep 5 '11 at 5:54

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