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I have recently started learning Asp.Net MVC2. Somehow i have developed an application using the same.

I want to develop an ecommerce application using which people can open their stores.

1.But I want the new module should independently be developed an incorporated with existing application. 2.As the application i want to be used by many users to create their own store. Will it be good if we use WCF or any service Layer. 3.For large dataset it takes a lot of time to load how we can make it load incrementally.

I am not sure about how the application should be designed for performance and extensibility. If any book or reference can be provided that will also be helpful.

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You might want have a look at Orchard Project.

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but still need some .net Architect to answer this for performance in mind. – Amritpal Singh Sep 10 '11 at 7:48

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