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using jquery $.ajax to call a PHP function

I need to call a specific php function within my php file. Is there any way to point to that function with jquery ajax call instead of calling the whole URL?

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Without a PHP framework, here are some ways to do it:

1 - Put the function in its own file.

2 - Put a wrapper function in its own file: all it does is #require your file, then call your desired function.

3 - Create one file that handles ajax (that'll be the entry point). Then pass a choice of functions using GET. Something like ajax_handler.php?fn=MyFunction

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Nope. You may need to factor out the function. Place it in a separate file and have it echo a JSON response or whatever you see fit when it is being called via Ajax

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You can try if the following StackOverflow question answers your query:

jQuery: Return data after ajax call success

using jquery $.ajax to call a PHP function

Also, some more information on what exactly and why do you wish to get such a functionality might be useful.

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