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I have to conformally map an image, from a disc to a rectangle.

Image - disc to rectangle transformation disc to rectangle transformation

The circle in the attached image can be considered as a disc with an inner radius of zero. The red line in the image marks the start, and the blue line marks the end.

I've tried using AffineTransform in Java, but it doesn't allow you to define custom transformations. Can someone help me tackle this problem?

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You cannot use AffineTransform because your transformation is not an affine one: it does not preserve straightness and parallelness of lines. You can, however, define your own Transformation interface and provide whatever implementations you like, with transform methods similar to those in the AffineTransform class. You will have to think about what to do when dealing with the point at the exact centre of the disc.

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You only need to transform from polar to cartesian coordinates.

Example code is provided on mindprod page.

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