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I have

<div id="brand_name">
<span class="select_all">
Select all
</div><div class="models">
<label for="search_model_id_in_61"><input id="search_model_id_in_61" name="search[model_id_in][]" type="checkbox" value="61">100</label>
<label for="search_model_id_in_62"><input id="search_model_id_in_62" name="search[model_id_in][]" type="checkbox" value="62">80</label>

I try to write like:

$(".select_all").click() {
   var models = $(this).parent().next()

but how to addClass class="checked" to all labels

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To toggle between all checkboxes being checked and unchecked, this would work:

$(".select_all").click(function() {
    var $select_all = $(this),
        $chk = $select_all.parent().next().find('input[type="checkbox"]');


    if( $select_all.hasClass('active') ) {
        $chk.prop('checked', true);   
    } else {
        $chk.prop('checked', false);     

Demo here

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Thank you! Nice demo – Vyacheslav Loginov Sep 5 '11 at 9:56
$(".select_all").click() {
   var models = $(this).parent().next()

But i'm not sure if checkbox should be inside of label tag. I think it should be after or before it.

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for class switching.

If you want to check them:

models.children('input').attr('checked', true);
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