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I'm giving the Xui javascript framework for mobile apps a spin and I'm stuck on form submission using its xhr ajax object. I'm trying to submit username and password form values to a php script. This is my code:


    var data = {};
    x$('#xuiForm input').each(function(elem){
        data[elem.name] = elem.value;
    var forminput = JSON.stringify(data);

        async: 'false',
        data: forminput,
        headers: {'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'},
        callback: function(){x$('#responsediv').html('inner',this.responseText);}

Could anyone tell me what's wrong with this and how I could fix it?

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If you want to submit your form with a form-urlencoded content type, you should not use JSON.stringify() but create a url-encoded string instead. Example:

var data = "";
replyForm.find('#xuiForm input').each(function(elem){
    data += elem.name + "=" +  encodeURIComponent(elem.value) + "&";
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