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I use OLE method like this:

  xlApp, xlWorkBook, xlWorkSheet, arr: Variant; 
  xlApp := CreateOLEObject('Excel.Application');   
  xlApp.Visible := True;    

How to add a button to Excel?

And how to assign a exist marco on this button?

Where can I find Delphi-OLE-Office document?


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See Deborah Pate's Automation Pages for useful info about using OLE automation with Delphi. –  ain Sep 5 '11 at 9:36

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I worked this out by recording a VBA macro and then pasting it into your Delphi routine:

xlApp := CreateOLEObject('Excel.Application');
xlApp.Visible := True;
xlWorkBook := xlApp.Workbooks.Add;
xlWorkBook.ActiveSheet.Buttons.Add(10, 10, 80, 30).Select;
xlWorkBook.Selection.OnAction := 'Macro1';

There is no Delphi documentation of Office COM automation. You have to use the MSDN documentation and translate it into Delphi yourself.

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