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I'm adding elements to a drop down using jQuery. Currently I'm adding new items using below which is working fine:

$("#treatmentGroupDropDown").append(new Option(tempGroupName, tempGroupIndex));

However I want to create and subscribe to the itemAdded event which I've tried using the code below, but this isn't working:

$("#treatmentGroupDropDown").bind('itemAdded', function (event, item) { alert('item added: ' + item.toString()); });

Will something like this work?

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You need some thing like this -

$("#treatmentGroupDropDown").bind('itemAdded', function(event, item) {
    alert('item added: ' + $(item).val());

var option = new Option("Test", "Test")
$('#treatmentGroupDropDown').trigger('itemAdded', option);

This will trigger the 'itemAdded' event after the new option has been appended, passing the option object that has just been created to the function.

Working demo - http://jsfiddle.net/ipr101/MxD25/

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The bind function doesn't have any itemAdded event.

Instead, you'd better add the function you want to trigger after the statement that appended your new Option.

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