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Is there a way in Grails to stripe the config by locale?

eg like this:

locale {
    fr-FR {
        grails.serverURL = ""
    en-GB {
        grails.serverURL = ""

We are starting to internationalise our site for multiple country/language and some configuration will have to be country specific.


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If the configuration values are strings (as above) you could put them in the message*.properties files instead of Config.groovy. You can then use either the messageSource Spring bean or the message tag to retrieve the values for the current Locale.


Further to the comment below about mixing config information in resource bundles, an alternative is to do it programatically - remember Config.groovy is a .groovy file, so you can mix code with your configuration data. Something like the following should work:

locale {    
  def serverUrls = [Locale.FRANCE: "", 
            Locale.UK: ""]

  def currentLocale = org.springframework.context.i18n.LocaleContextHolder.locale
  def serverlUrl = serverUrls[currentLocale]
  assert serverUrl, "no serverUrl found for Locale $currentLocale"    

  grails.serverURL = serverUrl

If you have several config parameters that you want to vary by Locale, something like the following would be neater

def currentLocale = org.springframework.context.i18n.LocaleContextHolder.locale

switch (currentLocale) {
  case Locale.FRANCE:
    // config params for France
  case Locale.UK:
    // config params for UK
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In that case you would mix config information in resource bundles which will work but will be messy. I guess we'll have to build our own locale config resolver :) – nvinet Sep 27 '11 at 7:18

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