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Can someone tell me how to change samples of series color in legend in jfreechart. What I have now is small line of series color eg:
I would like to have square sample of those colors. Here is an example

Can someone help me?

Ok I found the solution. At least I think. Of course there is no simple way to do this. There is now, you know, setShape(square) method, that will do the trick, at least i haven't found one.

Basicly XY chart and time chart have "line style" legend by default in contrary to bar chart for example (if has square legend by default). So I had to remove current legend and create new one with square samples of color and this new legend add to my time chart.

LegendItemCollection legend = new LegendItemCollection();    
for (int i = 0; i < seriecCount; ++i) {
    chart.getXYPlot().getRenderer().setSeriesPaint(i, colorPalette.get(i));
    LegendItem li = new LegendItem(data.getSeriesName(i), "-", null, null, Plot.DEFAULT_LEGEND_ITEM_BOX, colorPalette.get(i));

Thanks for attention. I hope it will help someone.

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Please provide an sscce that shows your current result. –  trashgod Sep 5 '11 at 11:22
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Generating your own legend, as you do above, is a perfectly acceptable way of doing things in JFreeChart. If you didn't want to do it, you can also define your own renderer with the lookupLegendShape() method overridden.

thePlot.setRenderer(new XYLineAndShapeRenderer()
         public Shape lookupLegendShape(int series)
            return new Rectangle(15, 15);
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