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We are using the TFS 2010 with the scrum 1.0 process template - it's working well, however it only comes with 3 reports - release burndown, sprint burndown, velocity.

The other process templates have a whole pile of interesting looking reports that I'd love to have on hand - I don't see why I cant get these going as well, things like bug rates, trends, etc.

However, I don't want to have to pore over the database for half a year, picking bits and pieces out of it - you'd think there would be somewhere I can get the reports from and install them, rather than building them myself.

So, what's the go here, what do other folks do for this?


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If you want to add some easy reporting, you could use the Excel reporting tools.

And of course you can upload the reports from the Agile Process Template to SSRS. Some of them will work and some won't. But it is a starting point.

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Thanks for this, but it seems the scrum template doesn't have excel reports! Not sure if I can add these. I probably should have gone with the Agile template in the first place, I didn't realize the scrum one was so much less featured - I thought it was just more tailored. –  Coopernick Sep 21 '11 at 0:20

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