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I am looking for an open-source Service Request System SRS (either it is free or commercial) which is developed with ASP.NET and it is flexible to customize it and add some functions to it.

I googled about it but I did not find anything. All what I found is that Service Request System has similar properties of the Help Desk System. I could be able to find some help desk systems which are developed in ASP.NET, but the problem with them are the following:

  • not flexible to customize

  • when the user wants to issue a request he needs to do the following:

  • write his user name, password, email and the other personal information. What I want is to make the system being able to pull the information from the directory.
  • there is no category or subcategory. Also, there is no ability to specify the department and division that the user looks to request the service from them

So do you have any suggested systems that have all above features?


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