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I have problem firing an ajax request with Primefaces

  <f:viewParam name="token" value="#{clientBean.token}"/>
  <f:event type="preRenderView" listener="#{clientBean.getParameter}" />
  <h:graphicImage id="id1" url="/images/circle-ok.png" onclick="dTag.show();"/>
  <p:commandButton id="id4" value="T" actionListener="#{clientBean.tag}" />  

  <!-- This does not work -->
  <h:graphicImage id="id2" url="/images/circle-ok.png">
    <p:ajax id="id3" event="onclick" onstart="dTag.show();"
            actionListener="#{clientBean.tag}" />

The first h:graphicImage opens the dialog correctly, the p:commandButton triggers the actionListener correctly, but the p:ajax has no effects (tested on googles app engine).

Update 1 Changing the event from onclick to click was absolutely right (thanks BalusC): Now the p:dialog is shown. But still the tag() method is not invoked. I've updated the xhtml-Code with f:metadata because there is one additional logging. I think it's related to p:ajax and the invocation of the bean, I've tried actionListener, action and listener (from the documentation of Primefaces) with the same result:

  • The app engines logs the invocation of getParameter(ComponentSystemEvent event) and Firebug shows this partial-update: <changes><update id="otCounter"><![CDATA[<span id="otCounter">0</span>]]></update>..
  • The invocation of public void tag(ActionEvent ae) is not logged (also tried public void tag())

The p:commandButton updates the counter correctly.

Update 2 I've removed the f:viewParam and f:event for simplicity and now are using listener and public void tag(), but the method is not called :-(

Update 3 The answer of BalusC is correct, I have other problems when using it here: JSF and p:ajax inside p:dataTable inside ui:repeat

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The event name is wrong, it must be "click" without the on prefix.

<h:graphicImage id="id2" url="/images/circle-ok.png">
    <p:ajax id="id3" event="click" onstart="dTag.show();"
        listener="#{clientBean.tag}" />

The on prefix of events applies only the names of the HTML element attributes which provide a hook for the event handler. They do not represent full event names.

Note the <p:ajax> doesn't support the actionListener attribute. It has to be listener and should refer to a method which takes AjaxBehaviourEvent as argument (no arguments is also perfectly fine). This is exactly the same as on <f:ajax>.

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Thanks BalusC, now the dialog is shown but still my bean method is not invoked. (I've updated the question) –  Thor Sep 5 '11 at 14:50
See answer update, actionListener isn't supported by <p:ajax>. Sorry, I didn't immediately see it as I don't know the whole PF vdl from top of head and assumed you to be right about that. –  BalusC Sep 5 '11 at 15:17
Thanks for the update, but this issue still drives me crazy. I've explicitly tested again listener and the method public void tag(), but the method is not called :-( –  Thor Sep 5 '11 at 15:36
Are you sure that this is been placed inside a <h:form>? What if you use <f:ajax> instead? (only remove that onstart for test). –  BalusC Sep 5 '11 at 19:14
Yes, it's inside h:form. But additionally inside ui:repeat (where it works like a charm) and p:datatable. I think I've seen other related issues with 'p:datatable' and ajax requests and will look for them! –  Thor Sep 6 '11 at 5:37

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