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I have first table called Cars that contains the informations about color of the car, weight, price etc.

Then I have the second table, for example Other_informations. This table contains another informations about that car from the first table.

In the first table (Cars) is the name of the car. If I need to create an associations between these two tables, I can use:


has many :other_informations


belongs_to :car

In this case I have to set the name of one column in the table Other_informations on car_id and the associations will be created. To this point is everything ok.

But now - I need just one association to add (from the table Other_informations to the table Cars - the same type of associations as the first).

I tried to do something like this: car.rb

has many :other_informations


belongs_to :car
belongs_to :car2

And then in the view used:


But this unfortunately didn't work me... can anyone help me, please, if is something like this possible to do?

Thank you in advance

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I am not sure if I understand your question - do you want to have OtherInformation to be shared among different Cars? Like OtherInformation can belong to many different Cars?

You need some kind of many-to-many relationship then. Have a read:

EDIT (after reading your comments):

belongs_to car, :class_name => "Car", :foreign_key => "to_col1"
belongs_to another_car, :class_name => "Car", :foreign_key => "to_col2"

That assumes that your OtherInformation has two columns in the database table: to_col1 and to_col2 And here is how associations should work:

other_info = OtherInformation.first
first_car =
second_car = other_info.another_car
second_car_name =
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I will try to explain it on the simple example: the table Cars have 2 columns - id and name. The table Other_informations have 3 columns: id, col1, col2. col1 and col2 are ID's of the cars from the table Cars. And now I have the statement from the table Other_informations => I know the ID's (2 ID's - col1 and col2) of the cars from the table Cars - but I don't know now, how to get both the names of the cars (from the table Cars). – user1946705 Sep 5 '11 at 12:01
Allright. Check the link above in my answer for the list of options you can pass for belongs_to association like :foreign_key, :class_name – socjopata Sep 5 '11 at 12:36
ok, I am still struggling with it... I used in my car.rb belongs_to :car, :foreign_key => "to_col2" - to_col2 is foreign key in my database table. And if I will try in my view to print the name of the car, I will get undefined method car_name' for 2:Fixnum**. What could be wrong? And one question yet - I used belongs_to :car, :foreign_key => "to_col2"` - this mean I have the relation through **car and also through to_col2? – user1946705 Sep 5 '11 at 14:28
Check my edit - it's easier to write a post in an answer than in a comment for me :) – socjopata Sep 5 '11 at 14:52
Buddy, I love you!!! You solved my afternoon's nightmare. I am always struggling with associations... – user1946705 Sep 5 '11 at 15:00

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