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I have bar chart, whose x-axis labels is generated dynamically from db, I am getting these values through ajax call data '{value:1,text:"x"},{value:2,text:"Vikash"},{value:3,text:"y"},{value:4,text:"z"}'. How to pass these values to label parameter. I tried passing it as an array and also as json but nothing seems to work.. Any ideas.. Here is my code:

makeBarChart=function() {
                        animChart = new dojox.charting.Chart2D("animChart");
                            labels: [ myLabelSeriesarray ], gap: 20}).
                            addAxis("y", {
                            vertical: true,
                            fixLower: "major",
                            fixUpper: "major",
                            includeZero: true
                            addPlot("default", {
                            type: "ClusteredColumns",
                            gap: 10

                            addSeries("Series A", closedSeries).
                            addSeries("Series B", othersSeries).

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jsp code:

var labelDis = new Array(pieData.length); // pieData is the JSON value getting from Java
for(var i = 0;i<pieData.length;i++){
    labelDis[i] = new Array(2);
    labelDis[i]['value'] =  i + 1;
    labelDis[i]['text']  = pieData[i]['axis'];

Java/Servlet code:

JSONObject jSONObject = new JSONObject();
jSONObject.put("axis", "value from database");
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