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Is it possible using jQuery (or any other JavaScript function) to detect when an onmouseover event is fired?

I have a page where existing javaScript calls a onmouseover/out events to re-write the contents of the div. I'm actually only interested in getting at what the div contains while the mouse is hovered over it. The onmouseover event is generated server-side by a program I don't have the ability to change :(.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

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Here's an even more specific example:

   function() { $('#divToShowText').text($(this).text()) }, 
   function() { $('#divToShowText').text("") }
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$("#idOfYourControl").hover(function() { /*mouseover event*/ }, function() { /*mouseout event*/ });
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You can use the mouseover event handler in jQuery.


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Depending on how the server is writing the original mouseover handler out, you can use a simple overwrite to add your own hook that you can then use to detect the old one being fired:

var oldHandler = yourElement.onmouseover;
yourElement.onmouseover = function() {
    //Do whatever new code you want here...


Kind of a quick and dirty example, but you get the idea. No guarantees that this won't leak memory in IE6 ;)

If the server is attaching the event via jQuery, you can look in yourElement.data.events and do it in a much tidier way than this.

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