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Here's the objective: a web application that shows images taken by a server side windows application that capture these images shown on the screen.

Constraints: - Server side application needs to be shown on the screen in order to capture its images. - Communication with state, client does different operation and any operation start from prevoius state - Both server and client have to be in C#, .NET.

Actual development: I've done a client in asp.net that has an image control which has ImageUrl dynamically built each time user does an operation using QueryString (?OPE1=VALUE1;OPE2=VALUE2 ecc. ecc.), server side I have a HttpListener on a specific folder that launches a new winform for each invocation, the winform parses the QueryString, it does its job and returns back an array of byte representing the image that has to be shown on the web page (I dont have to save anything on filesystem). It works quite fine but now I'm facing a new problem: there's an operation that requires a sort history so the only idea I came up it's to create a new QueryString parameter made by all operations history (OPEN=firstMove-SecondMove-ThirdMove etc etc) but I think this not a reliable and it may cost a lot of traffic to be done.

Any suggestion about how to do everything in a different way it's really welcome, I'd love to have a new approach on this better if using new technologies as WCF or similar, thanks in advance!

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So the server side application needs to be launched for every request made on the web? Are there 2 different users for the client and server side? I think you need to explain what you are trying to accomplish more clearly. –  Ryan Gross Sep 5 '11 at 16:38
User access the web page, move some controls and wait to receive an image. Server side I catch the request, I open a win form to get the image and I send back the image to the user. Server side I have the site and this HttpListener that runs on a winforms listening on a particular folder of the site. –  JasonMenny Sep 30 '11 at 10:32

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