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Hi I am new to Blackberry development I have downloaded Blackberry webworks plugin for visual studio 2008, I have no idea on how to code in Java but can use JavaScript and XML, html, Http to create a cleint server order form.

I have downloaded the blackberry webworks sdk, v2.0.0.18 I have a java runtime1.6, I am using windows 7 64bit,

I have downloaded the 8520 os 5.0 lowest version simulator.

So my questions are firstly have i missed any downloads such as signature key to put on physical device etc... maybe a JDE.

secondly can a order form submission to my server http client -server application order form (wireless) can be created without needing to know Java. So if I use web-works will I need to know some Java. If I don't need to know Java then I can proceed on my own and not waste anybody's time, if I do need to know Java then I am looking to outsource project and evaluate costs to proceed I want an honest answer please there will be other projects in future but just want to know an honest answer thanks get back to me A.S.A.P

Yours Truly Amran Khan

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You need to obtain code signing keys to sign your application if you want to run it on actual device.

WebWorks apps are created with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. No Java-skills are required. WebWorks compiler compile html/css/js code with resources (images, etc) to cod file, that runs in a device internet browser instance as a "local" web-application.

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